Introducing - Our New UI

New Tethras User Interface

We are excited to announce the release today of our new UI. It represents a complete redesign from the ground up based on feedback from everyone who has used the system over the last 12 months. The main changes are:

  * an improvement process making it easier and quicker to create new projects
  * improved status reporting on purchased jobs
  * ability to download and view previous purchases
  * an improved process for adding and reloading files
  * ability to set purchase level on all files in a language at once

A BIG thank you everyone who sent on feedback on the previous UI. We have taken it all on board and incorporated as much as possible into this release. We will be continuing to work on and develop this UI over the next couple of months. Our objective is to give you the user, as much control as possible over your own projects and translation memory.

Next up we will be adding:

  * ability for you to define your own translation glossaries
  * ability for you to create your own DTD’s for parsing xml files
  * ability to set default purchase levels so that you don’t have to replicate on each language
  * language bundles

We hope you like it, let us know how you get on via Facebook, Twitter or